Friday, 4 September 2015

Triangles, Clouds & Sky

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum

I think I have shown this roof a couple of times before
but not from this angle.  I found something in here to
use on the Monday Mural mime.  And, hey, I found a
view to use for Skywatch Friday too :).

Coventry has two excellent City Centre museums:
Both are world class and FREE.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Thatched Roof Thursday #87 - Wolston

Brook Street
The oldest cottage in the street.

I am hoping to find 100 thatched cottages in and around Coventry.
That job is getting more difficult now.
To my amazement this cottage just sprung up in front of me
when I was on a walk around Wolston Village, only 10 minutes from where I live.

It is Grade II listed and at one time was a detached house.
If you want to read the listing details follow the link HERE.
Some of the roof terms they use (like 'half-hipped')
got me Googling to see what they were.

Can you believe it is Thursday????
Off to have a look at your blogs :).

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

City Daily Photo Theme Day - Curiosities

Coventry Cathedral Ruins
Restoration work to waterproof the under crofts of the old cathedral
has revealed one particular memorial stone that I'm quite curious about.

To get a birds-eye view of the whole project,
it was up the Cathedral Tower for me today.

1st September, 2015
The flag stone floor on the left has been
lifted to reveal a floor made up of memorial stones, some dating back to
the 18th century.

St Michael's Church was a 14th Century Gothic church that
was later designated a cathedral.  During WWII the Cathedral was bombed
leaving a shell of the building which remains today.

Below is a sequence of photos which show a
little of the archaeological discoveries.

17th July, 2015
You can see in the photo above, work has started.
The original floor hasn't been seen for 75 years.

31st July, 2015
What I hadn't noticed on my first visit was
that memorial stone sticking out from underneath the floor.
When I looked at the photo I took on the 17th July, 
the stone was covered with a piece of wood (middle of photo).

7th August, 2015
You can just see that memorial stone
 on the right hand side of the photo (above).

19th August, 2015
More exposure of the stone over what is now thought to be
a concealed crypt.


I could see the whole memorial stone
although I struggle to make out all the words.
I think it is for 3 people, the first
being Thomas Allen who died in 1761
at the age of 41.

This is a big story and I have only
touched on my own curiosity of one particular memorial stone.
I will be back later this week with more.
In the meantime, why not visit other members of
City Daily Photo and see what their Curiosities are :).

Monday, 31 August 2015

Postcards from California

Huntington Beach
Tile mural at Pier Plaza (close to the pier)
designed by the late Terry Schoonhoven.

You can't miss this enormous tiled mural. Here is a small section of it above.
What makes me laugh is that when I saw this mural on a recent holiday, I thought -
I can use this in Monday Mural.
So here it is :).

The theme of the mural is the history of Huntington Beach.
Below is the Pier and the Pacific Ocean with Catalina Island beyond.

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Almost A Year

Coventry Central Police Station

That's how long this lamp door has
been open...presumably broken :).

I first took a picture of this lamp in May, 2012. 
For some reason it has been the most visited blog post of mine.
Well, since October, 2014, the flap/door has been open.
So, yesterday I decided to photograph it again. 
(Please note 'blue sky' to go with 'blue lamp'.)

 In the photos above (looking down Little Park Street)
you can just see the tops of
Holy Trinity and Coventry Cathedral Spires.

Want to see inside the lamp?

I don't know, maybe the doors to the Police cells
are kept open too :).

Have a super weekend.  I've got an idea
for September 1st CDP Theme Day - Curiosities.
Hope you have too!

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

ABC Wednesday - G Is For Grampie

Postcards from America
Valley of Fire, Nevada

It's my husband's birthday today.
So why not share some photographs from
a recent trip to Nevada and one of his favorite places to visit -

Located about 45 minutes from Las Vegas.

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Update (27th August):  Just have to share the
cake made by our granddaughter, Lottie.  A winner!

The birthday card is from my sister and her husband received a few years ago.
We bring it out every year.  Press a button and
it sounds just like 'Vegas' :).

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A Quiet Moment

Coombe Country Park

It was pretty quiet here on Sunday, possibly because it was a bit dull out.
Usually that walkway has quite a few people crossing it.

These were taken just
before we went to have a look at
the Truck Fest event I shared yesterday.

Apologies for showing so many photographs
from Coombe Country Park.  We try and go there
at least once a week for a long walk, always with my camera.

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