Friday, 3 July 2015

My Sort Of View

Brancaster, Norfolk

Royal West Norfolk Golf Club

These photos were taken earlier this week when Mr LOL and I
spent a few days in Norfolk.  The coastline is
dotted with wonderful, picturesque villages not far from the seaside.

In the photo above you can see this amazing
links course is just beyond me.  That fence runs along the top of sand dunes.
In the photo below you can see more of the beach and the North Sea.
The big building is the clubhouse for the golf club.

Brancaster is a good 3 hours from Coventry.
We stayed in the area for three nights.  I'll share
more photos from this area early next week.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

City Daily Photo Theme Day - Upside Down

Sandringham House Gardens, Norfolk
Country Retreat of Her Majesty The Queen

Upside Down Boat

I have really struggled to find a photo for this theme day.
On Monday we visited Sandringham House (about 2 hours from Coventry).

Just by chance I spotted a decorative boat by one of the lakes.
My immediate thought - 'Upside Down' :).

In the photo (below) you can see a little of the main house.
The boat is just in the bottom right-hand corner under that big tree.

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Newnham Paddox Revisited

Monks Kirby, Warwickshire
Photos taken at Monks Kirby Midsummer County Fair
21st June, 2015

We visited here last year when the grounds
were open for another annual charity event
known as Daffodil Sunday.  It was fun
to see the piano (above) is still there today.

No daffodils this visit, but grounds are still beautiful.
lakes and park between 1745 and 1753.

These beautiful Grade I Listed 

And, there are wonderful views.....

Newnham Paddox is the private residence of the
Earl and Countess of Denbigh.

 Above, one of the lakes and below you can see the silhouette 
of the tower of the Church of St Edith in Monks Kirby taken
from the main drive into the park.

Here are a few more photos from the
event...adding them just for fun.

Tea, cakes, crafts...

Morris Dancing, Elsa and plenty of entertainment.

 Ice cream,
vintage cars
and more!

Have a good weekend.
See you next week :).

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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Alvis Hare Mascot

Photo taken at Monks Kirby Midsummer County Fair
Part of a vintage car collection displayed by local Monks Kirby enthusiast.

1929 Alvis 12/50 SD with MG

PS. I think I was more interested in this radiator cap mascot than getting
details of these two cars.  I will add more later :).

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Meet Elsa

Monks Kirby Midsummer County Fair
21st June, 2015

My husband with our granddaughter, Georgia.

Georgia (I mean, Elsa) performed twice at this event 
singing 'Let It Go' from the film, Frozen.  
The children loved singing along and having their pictures taken with 'Elsa' -
so did her granddad :).
And, she really looked the part, too.

Georgia hopes to go into musical theatre professionally.

Please follow the link - HERE to see a clip of Georgia's
performance posted on her 'Meet Elsa' Facebook page.  

Needless to say, Georgia is available to
do more work like this.  I think she'll be very busy.

More from Monks Kirby Midsummer County Fair tomorrow.

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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Pedlar's Bridge

Smeaton Lane, Coombe Fields

Restored Medieval Pack Horse Bridge

It is amazing what is hidden from view when you drive down
country lanes near Coventry.  On Smeaton Lane is such an example:
this stone bridge that crosses Smite Brook.

The photo below is similar to a couple of others
I have found on the internet, except mine shows
a backlog of branches stuck under one of the arches.

No worries, I'm sure that rubble will be cleared in good time.

The research I have done suggests this bridge was originally built
in medieval times and used for travel to and from the village of Brinklow.  

Above is Smeaton Lane.  See those posts?  They have little
signs on them to designate foot and bridal paths.

Pedlar's Bridge is about 15 minutes drive from Coventry.

Think I might take a little break now.  
See you next week :)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

W Is For Water

Smite Brook
(photo taken near Brinklow)

The bridge is actually a medieval pack horse bridge
known as Pedlar's Bridge.  I'll show more tomorrow. 

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